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Graduate in Communication and holds a master's in Child Care & Education. A Certified Lactation Counselling Specialist. Specialized in handling complicated issues in the field of lactation including feeding management in preterm babies, cleft palate, Pierre robin syndrome, babies and mothers with special needs. Help the family with adoptive breastfeeding support, induced (surrogacy) and re-lactation.

Retired accredited Leader in La Leche League International (an international mother support organisation).

Former moderator of a Facebook group called 'Gentle Parenting India’. With more than 6 years of experience in this field. She follows the natural term weaning hence continues to breastfeed her 7 plus-year-old Son on demand. A strong believer that breastmilk is more than just a food.

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Ultimate point of contact for breastfeeding related issues without a doubt. I had breastfeeding issues. My milk production got drastically reduced and was at the verge of shifting to formula milk. luckily I visited Varsha and she sorted out that the problem is with latching and patiently explained how it can be corrected. she spends at least a minimum of 1 hour for each consultation.Taught me deep latching technique which is working out for me. Earlier i used to feed at least for an hour but now it has dropped to half an hour. The best part is the follow up. Irrespective of the time she asked me to update every after every feed and responded well. Also she motivated me whenever I lost hope. she never gave up on me even after i gave up and kept encouraging me and now I'm exclusively breast feeding :-). Thank you so much Varsha :-)

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Breastfeeding Positions

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Cradle Hold

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Other Services

Nutrition for Kids

Feed smart from the start.

Weaning foods and continuing with natural and healthy foods.

Gentle Parenting

Peace is never taught through Violence. Say "NO" without using that word. 

Lactation Physiotherapy

Ease tightness in baby, which helps mommy breastfeed (helps in some issues with tongue tie). Get help with Mastitis.

Lactation Dentistry

Issues related to tongue, lip or buckle tie which hinders with breastfeeding.


Lactation Psychology

Get verbal and emotional support in distress. Get proper guidance to stay happy.



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