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Birth Story of Nayana

Nayana is the author of this blog.

Hello My name is Nayana,

Today I'm going to share my breastfeeding story. Each mother has a different story. Even i have… Read it once!!!

I have a Baby Boy named Shourya who was born on 12th Oct 2017. I can just say I got everything on that day. Looking at

I just forgot all the pain & aches which I was suffering during delivery. I had a normal delivery, but i was in labour for 9 hours then finally the baby was delivered. But after that I had 13 stitches which never happens during normal delivery. My baby was 3.5 kg but still. Due to some emergency doctors had to cut the internal part where I had 7 stitches, but I can bear it because now I am a mother after looking at Shourya I just closed my eyes for around 5 hours. After getting up I had a lot of pain. I was not able to sit, walk or get up from my place and was just lying down on the bed. I was helpless though my MOM MY MOTHER-IN-LAW & MY NANI was with me.

But now what's the next BREASTFEEDING which my baby was waiting for the last 5 hours but again i was helpless and was not able to. At that moment I was like the milk should come from my breast but how should i feed? I wish i would have taken any knowledge about breastfeeding when i was pregnant. But no i was dumb. That day it was not possible for me to breastfeed my baby because I wanted to sleep a lot. Why? I was not thinking about my baby. My baby needs my breast milk. He is hungry, he was crying for me. But unfortunately the nurse had to give him formula. I was ashamed about that but there was no option at that moment. Next day when I got my My Mom & Nani started helping me to get up after 24 hours, my baby was in my arms and I had tears in my eyes and the breast started licking, that was the best magic for me. Yes i can breastfeed my baby now then again how??? Now my baby was not able to because I had inverted nipples again to help less. OH GOD WHAT'S NEXT!!

NIPPLE SHIELD?? BREAST PUMP?? that was only the option he started sucking with the help of nipple shield and was not able to because i was really not knowing how to keep baby on lap the position of breastmilk nor i was unable to then i decided i should remove the milk by breast pump or by my hand and should start giving him by spoon but was that good idea? no it was not! He is too small for a spoon. How to get out of that inverted nipple in all my breasts were getting harder and it was painful for me. Then I only decided I have to do this on my own with the help of a nipple shield. I started breastfeeding my baby however the inverted nipple had some shape now. But now it's time to go home after the DISCHARGE.

In Hospital Nurse & Doctors use to help but what about the home. As i mentioned i had stitches was unable to walk but still however i managed after returning to home nothing was organised, no bed nothing however my husband managed everything in 1 day. I had my proper bath of hot water after 5 days and the breast again started licking. I used to eat proper food which a new mom should eat only but one thing was I used to eat the same food at lunch as well and in dinner no 1 was there who could prepare a proper food for me. But I can do it because I am a breastfeeding mom but I did it. On the Sixth day my husband had met with an accident now who will help me but still i did it. Shourya used to have milk from only the right side breast. What about the left breast again I used to remove and use to feed him. But I can say I was not able to donate the milk but able to give milk to my baby. But nobody helped me during my journey. After 4 month I joined my office. Now it is compulsory to feed a baby for 6 month what will you do? Nayana I always had questions in my head. But again as i was a strong mother i decided i need to start weaning for my baby now breast milk i can give him in night so full night Shourya use to have my breast milk after every 2 hours i use to not get proper sleep but i had to manage. So just want to say that just relax the mothers who are not able to breastfeed their baby. It's ok you still are a mother of that child. A MOTHER CAN DO ANYTHING.

AND LAST LINE: When my baby said me MUMMA FOR THE FIRST TIME i was the winner!!!

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